This is the website to help you de-clutter and raise some serious cash towards a
swanky honeymoon, helicopter to the church or sensible family car (boring).
This is how it works...
  • 1

    Create a list of things to sell to your guests 

    You can list almost anything you like! Click here for some tips and ideas. We have three lovely list designs for you to choose from.

  • 2

    Upload photos, add captions & decide on prices

    Invite your guests through the site. They'll receive a secure link to check out your handiwork and be able to select an item from your list.

  • 3

    Guests buy from the list & you get the cash!

    Guests can choose to pay online or select to give you the cash in person. They can also opt to give the item to charity.

See it in action... Check out our Example List
Reverse Wedding List Loves

A little scrapbook of other inspirational wedding bits and bobs, including our original Reverse Wedding List... if you think there's something we should feature just get in touch

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